George Washington University – 1994

“Freud, Galileo and Darwin told us, at different times and in different ways, that we are not the center of the universe; that we do not have control; that we do not fully understand our motivations; that we are not all that special.  They did not have an easy time of it – for each society wants to believe that it can exercise control over its own destiny and over others.  I suspect their findings apply not just to science or personal behavior, but to the way power and leverage can be exercised by nation states.  Yours, I suspect, will be the first generation which will have to achieve results with neither military nor economic predominance – no matter where you sit.”


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Selected Speeches/Remarks (1960s – 1970s)
Market Study: Hot Issues – 1960s Hot Issues; SEC; IPOs
The Job Interview – 1968 Robert McNamara; World Bank
Opening Statement SEC Hearing – 1968 SEC Hearings;  Fixed Commissions: Third Market
Central Auction Market – 1970s OTC Market; Auction Market
A Basic World Bank Speech World Bank;  Finance
Debt Management and Liquidity at World Bank World Bank; Debt Management; Liquidity
On Management and Uncertainty Uncertainty; Risk; Liquidity
On Liquidity at World Bank, Why We Have It  and Management Philosophy World Bank; Finance
Constraints to Increased World Bank Lending – Some Imposed by Us, Some by our Borrowers World Bank Lending Program; Constraints
Remarks on the Management of the World Bank Investment Portfolio – 1970s Portfolio Management
Securities Regulation Law School Exam – 1971 – George Washington University SEC Examination; Law School
The Yale Law Journal – SEC Regulation SEC Regulation
Institutional Investors Bond Conference: Predicting Interest Rates Investment Management; Probability; Adverse Scenarios
Lines Written on the Occasion of Reading a World Bank Financial Policy Paper – Poem Financial Policy; World Bank; Percy Shelley
EuroMoney Article – The World Bank’s Treasurer: Helping the Poor through Caution World Bank Lending Policy; Prudential Lending
The Emerging Nations: Poverty, Health and Politics – March 24, 1979 World Bank Policy; Geopolitics; Raw Materials; Oil
The World Bank Borrowing Policy – December 1979 Debt Policy; Borrowing Techniques
Selected Speeches/Remark (1980s)
Wharton School–Petro–Dollars, OPEC, and the World Financial Markets — Jan. 1980 Petro–Dollars; World Bank
Remarks on Investment in Less Developed Countries Emerging Markets; Developing Countries                          
Remarks on Inflation, Oil, Banking, Int’l. Finance Energy Policy; Developing Countries
Remarks on Inflation, Economy, Financial, Social,  Political Development in Europe, Oil and Petro–Dollar Matters Developing Countries; Economic Growth
Politics and Public Policy – 1980s Policy and Economic Development
Association of Int’l. Bond Dealers Conference NY Finance and World Bank; World Bank Appraisal
Some Remarks on Trade and Protectionism – 1980s Protectionism; Economic Development
The World Bank – Frankfurt, Germany – 6/27/80 World Bank Financial Appraisal
Society of Actuaries Meeting Finance; Uncertainty; Risk; Volatility; Irrational Behavior
Eugene H. Rotberg on Risk Taking – 1980s Risk; Probability; Incentives
Eugene H. Rotberg – Uncertainty and  Behaviors in Risk Taking – Merrill Lynch Sales Conf.–1980s Risk Taking; Management Style
A Risk Evaluation Program – 1980s OECD Study; Financial Risk Taking
Letter to Robert S. McNamara — June 29, 1981 Bob McNamara
Bank Administration Institute Conf.—11/12/84 LDC Debt; Emerging Markets; World Bank Policy
World Bank Financial Structure and Financial Operating Programs Financial Appraisal; World Bank;
Remarks from Group of 30 Meeting Re Debt Crisis – 9/6/85 Finance; Development; World Bank
Consultation, Competition, and Control – 7/9/85 – Speaking of Japan Japan; Financial Liberalization
Presentation to the Japanese Securities Trans–Action Council – Jan. 1986 Finance in Japan
Impact of Worldwide Financial Integration – Febr. 28, 1986 – 70th Anniversary Conference Board Economic Forum Finance; Globalization
Summary Presentation – Berne – 3/18/86 World Bank Financial Appraisal
ODC Meeting Looking at World Bank World Bank Lending; Debt Policy
Be on Guard in the Glattery World of Financial Information — The Market Chronicle — August 14, 1986

Risk Taking; Derivatives Risk; Chaos Theory; Finance

Opening and Concluding Statements by Gene Rotberg — Bejing China — October 1986 China Financial Policy
Financing Development: The Debt Crisis — October 15, 1986 LDC Debt Crisis; Moratoriums on Debt
Advice to Chinese State Counsellor — November 4, 1986 Advice to Chinese State Counsellor
17th World Congress on IAFEI — Hong Kong — November 9–12, 1986 Globalization; Risk; Contagion
World Bank Lending — January 12, 1987 World Bank Lending Policy
Remarks on Lending — 1987 Uncertainty in Finance; Risk Taking Development and Derivations
Kent State University: The World Bank World Bank Lending
The World Bank Myth and Reality — February 1987 Finance; Development
Summary Presentation on the World Bank — Frankfurt — March 9, 1987 Financial Appraisal; World Bank
World Business Council — The Banks and LCDs — November 15, 1987 Banks and Developing Countries
Blessings, Salvation and Forgiveness: A Solution to the Debt Crisis? — 1988 LCD Debt Crisis
Testimony Re Bank Lending to Soverign Governments — Subcommittee on Int'l. Dev. Institutions and Finance of the House Committee on Banking Finance and Urban Affairs — May 11, 1988 Banking Lending to LCDs
Eugene H. Rotberg: Toward a Solution to the Debt Crisis — June 1988 LCDs; Debt Crisis; Forgiveness; Moratorium; Finance
Testimony on LCD Debt — Subcommittee on Int'l. Finance, Trade & Monitary Policy of the House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs — July 13, 1988 LCDs; Indebetedness; Debt Crisis
Testimony — Subcommittee on Int'l. Finance and Monitory Policy of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Banking Affairs — August 2, 1988  
Remarks Re LCD Debt at Bard College — 1988 World Bank; LCDs' Debt Crisis
Politics and International Commercial Banking — Brussels — November 28, 1988 Banks; LCDs; Debt Losses; Forgiveness
Looking Backward: The Securities Industry, A Decade of Change — 1989 Securitization; Derivatives; Hedging; Risk; Innovation
The Brady Initiative to "Save" the Debt Crisis – 1989 Debt Crisis; Solutions                
AEI Conference on Alternative Solutions to Developing Country Debt Problems – 4/18/89 Debt Reduction; Moratorium
Testimony on Brady Proposal for Debt Relief for LDCs Debt Relief
Testimony on Debt Reduction – SubCommittee on Int'l. Economic Policy and Trade – Prepared Statement – 5/30/89 LDC Debt Reduction; Debt Relief; Forgiveness; Moratorium
Testimony – Oral before SubCommittee on Int'l. Economic Policy and Trade – 5/30/89 LDC Debt Reduction; Debt Relief; Forgiveness; Moratorium
The State of Play: The Int'l. Debt Crisis (Testimony) LDC Debt Reduction; Debt Relief; Forgiveness; Moratorium
The State of Play: The Int'l. Debt Crisis – March 1989 LDC Debt Reduction; Debt Relief; Forgiveness; Moratorium
The State of Play – October 1989 LDC Debt Reduction; Debt Relief; Forgiveness; Moratorium
The Politics of the Debt Crisis — 1989 LDC Debt Reduction; Debt Relief; Forgiveness; Moratorium
Selected Speeches/Remarks (1990s)
Banking Systems – New York Times and Glass Steagall – 1990s New York Times Glass Steagall; Banking Separation
Aldrich, Eastman & Waltch, Inc. 1990 Annual Client Conference on LDC Investment –April 1990 Investment Developing Countries; LDC Investment                           
The Only Perfect Hedge is a Japanese Garden – 90s Risk Finance; Derivatives
Problems and Controversy: The US Banking System – 6/4/91 Risk; Derivatives; Banks; Deregulation; SEC; Regulatory Oversight
Testimony – Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban affairs SubCommittee on Securities, US Senate – 9/12/91 Risk; Derivatives; Banks; Deregulation; SEC; Regulatory Oversight
Financial Market Reform and Privatization in Eastern Europe for The National Economists Club 10/3/91 Eastern Europe Development; Governance; Investment Risks
Financial Market Reform and Privatization in Eastern Europe – 10/29/91 Eastern Europe Development; Governance; Investment Risks
A Proposal for Investment in Eastern Europe — 91 Eastern Europe Development; Governance; Investment Risks
Systemic Risks in World Financial Markets: Informal Remarks – World Bank Government Borrowers Forum – 9/21/92 Chaos Theory; Investment Risks; Geo– Political Risk
The Case: Inflation is Dead – or at least "in extremis" – 1993 No Inflation: Pure Pressure; US Globalization Effect
The Currency Swap: In the Beginning – 10/93 Currency Swap; Derivatives; Origin of Swaps
1994 Induction Ceremony – GWU Chapter of Beta GammaSigma – 4/15/94s Geopolitics; Uncertainty; Risk; Control of Affairs; Disintermediation
Testimony – House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs – 6/23/94 Risks of Derivatives; Lack of Regulation
Systemic Risks in World Financial Markets – American Bar Assn. Capital Markets Symposium – 9/16/94 Regulation of Derivatives; Globalization
On the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the World Bank - 1994 World Bank; Fairy Tale
Derivatives: The Ultimate Freudian Slip–Up – 7/12/95 Risks of Derivatives; Finance; History; Investment Bankers; Proprietary Trading
World Bank Strategic Reserve Forum: World Bank Appraisal – 9/28/95 History of World Bank Financial Policy
Borrowing Seminar – Beijing, China – Febr. 1996 China's Borrowing Policies
A Losing Tax Proposal (Dole) – 11/5/96 Taxing the Rich
World Bank/IMF Mtg. 1998 – Mismatches, Lags & Conflicts: Some Observations: On Globalization and Finance Globalization
The Jerome Levy Economics Institute & EHR Quote Deregulation; Finance; Drivatives                   
Testimony – House Committee on Banking, Finance & Urban Affairs – 10/1/98 Risk; Derivatives; Absence of Regulation; Leverage
Selected Speeches/Remarks (2000s)
Notes: Duke University: The World Bank – 2001 World Bank Effectiveness; Lending by World Bank

Notes for Economic Strategy Institute Speech – Lending at the World Bank

Lending Policy World Bank
Honorable James A. Leach letter on Derivatives and Risk – 1/22/02 Derivatives; SEC Regulation
The Symposium, Socrates and Iraq, Part II, on War or The Powder in the Pouch by Plato – 2003 War and Socrates
Remarks on Bob McNamara – World Bank – 3/19/03 Robert McNamara; World Bank
60th Anniversary of the World Bank – 2004 World Bank; Immortality
Government Borrowers Forum: Speech – Berlin – Capital Markets – May 2005 Capital Markets, Chaos Theory; Globalization
Leveraging the World Bank – New York – June 2005 World Bank Capital
Cash Management at the World Bank – 8/05 Risk; Portfolio Management
Temple Univ. Speech: On Risk – 11/05 Temple; General Semantics; Debate
The George Washington Univ. Panel – Globalization & Risk in Emerging Markets – 4/7/06 Globalization; Risk; Contagion, Emerging Markets
Bob McNamara letter on his 90th Birthday – 5/22/06 McNamara; Retirement; World Bank
2006 Speech: Risk and Finance Risk; Finance; Portfolio Management
"Selected from" Informal Remarks — Univ. of Penn Law School — 9/06 Penn Law School; Risk; Finance; Uncertainty; Chaos Theory
Remarks – Univ. of Penn Law School – 9/22/06 Penn Law School; Risk; Finance; Uncertainty; Chaos Theory
Remarks to Washington Nat'l. Opera – 11/14/06 Immortality; Philanthropy; Opera
Remarks at St. Anne's School (Grandparents Day) 11/06 Immortality; Philanthropy
Transparency: Panacea or Pandora's Box (The Journal of Management Development) – 2006 Transparency; Market Regulation
Bill Gates/EHR emails (2) – June & July 2007 Email to Bill Gates
The Euro Market – In Retrospect – 5/15/08 Finance; Historical Perspective

The Financial Crisis 2008 – Notes for XM Radio & NPR Interview and George Washington Univ. Speech – Oct./Nov. 2008

Causes of Financial Crisis
Main Street and Wall Street: What Were Causes – 1/27/09 Financial Crisis; Banks
Mary Shapiro (SEC Chairman) email from EHR – 2/10/09 SEC Regulation; Derivatives
What Wall Street Wants to Know – March 2009 No Keywords
EHR Questions for Hearing – March 2009 Financial Crisis; Regulation; SEC
CSFI – Eugene Rotberg – A 40–Year Retrospective 2009 History of Finance
Ken Lay Farewell Letter – 12/3/10 SEC; Ken Lay
An Iron Will and a Poetic Touch – Solon Knew Best – 10/11/11 Greek Crisis
The Case for The Rich Satire; Tax Policy; Trickle Down Solutions
Contribution Submission Re Final Report – Independent Commission on Banking (Vickers Commission) – Oct. 2011 Glass Steagall; Vickers Commission; Dodd–Frank
Uncertainty, Vulnerability and Risk: How Will Our Grandchildren Cope? – 03/18/12 Uncertainty; Vulnerability
Libretto - "TARHIR!" Opera Libretto; Gene Rotberg
The Speech Obama Never Made — Oct. 2012  
On the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Eurobond Market, London — June 2013 Eurobond Market
Eurobond 50th Anniversary — June 24, 2013 Eurobond Market 
Notes on Northern Italy: Verdi-Land — November 2013 Opera; Verdi
A 70s' Play (written in the 1970s) Play
E-mail to Granddaughter in Florence e-mail, Grandfarther, Granddaughter
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: A Race to the Bottom (Published in 1818 Society Bulletin) AIIB
What the World Should Expect of the Next World Bank President, October 2015 World Bank President

Galileo and Donald Trump, June 2016

Galileo, Darwin, Freud, Trump
E-mail to Family, June 2016 Revised Testimonials

Election 2016, September 2016

2016 Presidential Election
Questions for Donald Trump 2016, September 2016 2016 Presidential Election
The Cambodian Toy Maker, November 2016 2016 Presidential Election
The Speech Hillary Should Have Made, November 2016 2016 Presidential Election
Childhood, 2016 Gene Rotberg Bio
The Negotiation, 2016 China, Trade
Gathering, 2017 2017 Women's March - Washington, DC - Jan. 21, 2017
Letter to Charles E. Schumer, 2017 Trade, China